Welcome to The Ordeal of Consciousness website.  This is the website of dover_beach. It is concerned with philosophy and culture and their predicament at the beginning of the 21st century. It will explore a variety of issues at the intersection of philosophy and culture, in various forms including essays, interviews, and conversations, the purpose of which is to contribute in some small way to the conversation of mankind.

What does this entail? Well, it will involve exploring ideas, following Weaver, in three distinct ways: firstly, it will involve exploring our specific ideas about things; secondly, it will involve investigating our general beliefs and convictions; and, lastly, it will involve considering our metaphysical dream of the world. So, as an example, it could explore the specific idea of marriage, or it could explore marriage in the context of our general beliefs
and convictions (about freedom, equality, justice, and the like), or finally, it could explore marriage as it relates to our philosophical beliefs about the world (nature, reason, will, artifice, and the like), respectively. Of course, it may not involve our specific ideas about that is that, but simply a consideration of the coherence of our general beliefs and convictions (e.g. about freedom and the obligation to obey law) and/or of our metaphysical world-view (e.g. about whether the material world exhausts reality).

There are also certain themes that it will explore with particular interest: (i) the metaphysical presuppositions and premises of naturalism/ materialism; (ii) the bipolar character of modern political states, (iii) the nature and the limits of secularism; (iv) the status of morality within our legal and political deliberations; and (v) the meta-ethical and ethical issues that happen to arise, whether they involve ethical theories (consequentialism, natural law theory, etc.) and/ or ethical issues (abortion, euthanasia, etc.). However, it will not be limited to these particular concerns alone.

I hope you enjoy it.


  1. Morts Discount Software Shop

    Looks good to me DB. Hope it isn’t too high-falutin for my low level of knowledge. I’ll try to keep up though.

    I am interested in discussions around thinkers like Roger Scruton, David Berlinski, David Bentley Hart.
    Also Lewis, Chesterton etc.

    I would also be interested in general Bible and Talmud discussion.

    But at the very low level of understanding that I have – too deep and it would go over the top of my head.

  2. Kurisu.Shimei (@Kurisu80362019)

    Love the look of the blog, cudos brother.

    look forward to the discussions.

  3. bertieburton

    Well done


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