(Il)liberalism, Marriage, Mathematics, the Noseless One, and then some.


Kim R. Holmes on the culture and politics of (il)liberalism.

Ryan T. Anderson ponders Where to from here on marriage at the NRO. While over at RealClearPolicy, along with Robert P. George, they discuss the freedom to marry and dissent, rightly understood. Their book, also co-authored by Sherif Girgis, What is Marriage?, remains one of the most clear and concise discussions available.

James Franklin has written a wonderful piece on what mathematics is about. For those interested in a fuller account of his position, read his most recent book, An Aristotelian Realist Philosophy of Mathematics: Mathematics as the Science of Quantity and Structure.

Is death our friend or enemy? Ed Feser argues that death is, indeed, the last enemy. Over at MavPhil, Bill Vallicella discusses Jack London’s solution to the Noseless One and finds it not up to snuff.

Ross Douthat, at the NYT, takes a sobering look at the prevailing culture of Hefnerism.

Hadley Arkes recasting the case for religious freedom, from sincerity and beliefs to principles and reasons, in a lecture at Hillsdale College.

Randy E. Barnett, a natural law libertarian, discuss his recently updated book, The Structure of Liberty: Justice and the Rule of Law, at Libertarianism.org.

Matthew Frank discusses the inept ventriloquism of Sarah Moon in How Arguments (Do Not) Function at First Thoughts, a blog of First Things.

Finally, and humorously, we find the New York Post reporting that hipsters are ‘racists’. Who knew?


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