Dawson, Piketty, Scruton, Enlightenment, and all that Jazz.

Mervyn F. Bendle considers the work of Roger Scruton.

Edward Feser casts a critical eye on the Enlightenment.

Richard M. Doerflinger takes a look at the two-faces of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) on the matter of the unborn child.

Bradley J. Birzer on the “grey eminence of Christopher Dawson”.

Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry on the mis(fortunes) of Klein, Vox, and the Left.

Robert P. Gregory reports on the narrowing secular gates at our colleges and universities.

Jordan Lorance provides a guide for the perplexed on the issue of religious liberty law.

Kate Maltby on the rights and wrongs of rights-talk.

Paul Merkley on the “perpetual assassination of the Jew Leon Klinghoffer”.

Video: Richard Epstein on Piketty.

Three articles on marriage:  Sarah Albers, Childless elite, Spouseless Poor

Mark D. Oshinskie, To Those Who Wait to Conceive

Ramesh Ponnuru, Pro-Growth, Pro-Family, Again

Richard Marshall interviews Thomas Satting on the double of objects.

Finally, Robert M. Woods reconsiders the Christian humanist, Pico Della Mirandola.


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