Weekend Reading


Alan Piper on the dust of Ash Wednesday in Dominicana.

Hadley Arkes muses on the strains of Graham Greene in The Catholic Thing.

Maureen Mullarkey on the splendour of Candlemas in Rorate Caeli.

David Warren on the celebrity of gravity waves in Essays in Idleness.

Luca Volontè on the heart of darkness that is now Europe in Public Discourse.

Alan Jacobs on the problem of modern identity through the prism of Miss Marple in The New Atlantis.

Edward Feser on the problem of brute facts at his place.

Michael Flynn on the pupfish of Nevada at The TOF Spot.

James Kalb on a politics beyond liberalism and conservatism in Crisis.

Finally, Joseph Pearce on cultural suicide and the heavenly chariot in The Imaginative Conservative.

Picture: The Church Militant and the Church Triumphant (1365), fresco by Andrea da Firenze in Santa Maria Novella.


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