Remembering Antonin Scalia


You have probably heard by now that Justice Antonin Scalia has died. This is a terrible loss to his family, as well as being a tremendous loss to the body politic. We are unlikely to see another like him in our life times. Below, I simply link to the better reflections on his life that have come to my attention:

Updated Feb 19:

Hadley Arkes, Memories of Nino, First Things and Antonin Scalia: A Spirited Life in the Law, NRO

Michael Stokes Paulsen, Scalia at St. Thomas: Closing Arguments, Public Discourse

Michael Cook, Scalia on Same-Sex Marriage, MercartorNet

Roger Kimball, RIP Antonin ScaliaRoger’s Rules


James R. Copeland, Remembering Scalia, and Adam Freedman, A Gaping Hole on the CourtCity Journal

Ross Douthat, Antonin Scalia, Conservative Legal Giant, NYT

Kevin D. Williamson, Justices or Ayatollahs?, NRO

Lee J. Strang, How Scalia Inspired a Generation to Defend the Constitution, Crisis

Robert  P. George, Antonin Scalia: An American Originalist, Public Discourse

David Warren, Scalia, Essays in Idleness

Michael M. Uhlmann, Honoring Justice Antonin Scalia, Claremont Review of Books Online

Lastly, to give a sense of the intellectual liveliness of the man himself, Audio: Justice Antonin Scalia ‘Interpreting the Constitution’ talk at Acton Institute (1997), Acton Institute Powerblog


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