Weekend Reading

Saturn Devouring His Son

Michael Quinlan, How “Progress” Led to the Dehumanization of Man, Crisis

Rachel Lu, The Collapse in Gender Sanity, Public Discourse

David Quinn, Don’t Demonise, MercatorNet

Rod Dreher, Arguing for Marriage, The American Conservative

James Kalb, Why the Natural Law is the Superior Guide to Life, Crisis

Roberto de Mattei, The historical meeting between Francis and Kirill, Rorate Caeli

Mark S. Milburn, Gnostic Bodies: Why Millennials Love Tattoos, The Imaginative Conservative

Michelle Goldberg, Is a Surrogate a Mother, Slate

Carl R. Trueman, The Revolution Eats one of Its Own Midwives, First Thoughts

Gregg L. Fraser reviews  Inventing a Christian America: The Myth of the Religious Founding, by Steven K. Green in Claremont Review of Books

Steven H. Aden and Josiah A. Aden review The Constitution: An Introduction by Michael S. Paulsen and Luke Paulsen in The University Bookman

David Warren, Lent makes us smarter, Essays in Idleness

Picture: Saturn Devouring His Son (1819-23) by Francisco de Goya


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