Weekend Reading


James Kalb, The True Benedict Option for Our Time,Crisis

William Carroll, Bird Brains and Cross-Species Empathy, Public Discourse

Merv Bendle, Dumb, Sodomy, and the Cash, Quadrant

Ed Feser, Putting Nature on the Rack, Ed Feser’s blog

Daniel B. Gallagher, The Sacredness of Marriage: A Lesson from the Pagans, Crisis

Mickey L. Mattox, Marquette’s Gender Regime, First Things

Bill Vallicella, A Look at Some Unintelligent Design Reasoning in Dawkins, Maverick Philosopher

Katja Maria Vogt is interviewed by Richard Marshall, The Pyrrhonian Skeptic, 3: am

Roger Scruton reviews Joanne Williams’s Academic Freedom in an Age of Conformity: Confronting the Fear of Knowledge, in Academic Freedom in Conformist Times, Spiked

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