Weekend Reading


James Chastek, Reasoning about the unseen, Just Thomism

G. Kevin Donovan, America’s tortured debate over the ‘fetus’, MercartorNet

Deirdre Cooper, Setting the Record Straight on Texas’s Abortion-Safety Law, Public Discourse

Austin Ruse, How Obergefell Really Happened, Crisis

Hadley Arkes, The Self-Made Trap [/ or The Iron Cage of Conservative Jurisprudence], Claremont Review of Books

Tyler Blanski, Catholicism and Christian Pluralism, Crisis

David Warren, Killing People, Essays in Idleness

Wesley J. Smith, Canada Declares War on Christian Doctors and Nurses, First Things

Dwight Longenecker, Hiding in Priest Holes: Persecutions Past and Future, The Imaginative Conservative

J. Budziszewski, Resisting Tyrannical Governments, The Underground Thomist

Dominic Bouck, O.P., The Reluctant Ruler, Dominicana

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy finally adds an entry on Michael Oakeshott written by Terry Nardin.


Picture: Christian Martyrs in Colosseum (1862) by Konstantin Flavitsky

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