Weekend Reading

Raffael_natural justice

Bill Vallicella, Good Friday: At the Mercy of a Little Piece of Iron, Maverick Philosopher

Maureen Mullarkey, What Vintage Pulp Fiction Covers Say About Today’s Vices, The Federalist

George J. Marlin, Progressivism’s Dark Side, The Catholic Thing

Travis Weber and L. Lin, Freedom of Conscience and New “LGBT Rights” in International Human Rights Law, Public Discourse

James Kalb, The Advantages of Natural Law Over Ideological Fantasies, Crisis

Ed Feser, A note on falsification, Edward Feser’s blog

Michael S. Greve, Little Sisters, Would You Please, Law Liberty blog

James V. Schall in On Play and Seriousness reviews Johan Huizinga’s Homo Ludens: A Study of the Play Element in Culture

Picture: An allegory of justice (1508) by Raphael.


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