Weekend Reading


Carol Iannone, What Women Want, Claremont Review of Books

James Kalb, Re-evaluating Today’s Human Rights Regime, Crisis

Hadley Arkes, The Church and the Moral Framework of the Economy, The Catholic Thing

Daniel Kuebler, IVF, Designer Babies, and Commodifying Human Life, Public Discourse

James Hannam, Ethics and its importance to ancient Greek science, Quodlibeta

Thaddeus Kozinski, Alasdair MacIntyre: From Socratic Subverter to Supporter of the State, The Imaginative Conservative

Peter Leithart, Where have all the bad Republicans gone?, First Things

James Chastek, The Pro-National Suicide argument, Just Thomism

Robert P. George, Transgenderism, “Marriage Equality,” and Liberalism’s Tragic Error, Modern Age

David Warren, Spiritual asthenia, Essays in Idleness

Edward Feser, The Smell of Sheep, Ed Feser’s blog

J. Budziszewski, His Will and the Counsel of His Will and Turtles All the Way Down?, The Underground Thomist

Michael Flynn, Deus vult! Part I: The Preludes and Deus vult! Part Two: On Your Marks, The TOF Spot

Picture: The Fall by the Rebel Angels (1562) by Pieter Bruegel the Elder.


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