Weekend Reading

Beowulf and the Old Wife of the Mere

Bruce S. Thornton, Scottish Philosophy, American Morality, Claremont Review of Books

James Kalb, Tradition: A Guide for Better Living, Crisis

Br. Anthony Vanberkum, Edge of Darkness, Dominicana

Joseph Pearce, Middle-Earth and the Middle Ages, The Imaginative Conservative

David Warren, Cervantes, Essays on Idleness

R. V. Young, Shakespeare, Cervantes, and the Romance of the Real, Modern Age 

James Bowman,Shakespeare not our contemporary, New Criterion

Is Ancient Philosophy Still Relevant? An interview with Edward Feser, The Dartmouth Apologia

William A.Wilson, Scientific Regress, First Things

Bill Vallicella, The Moral Equivalentism of the Left: “We Are All Islamic State”, Maverick Philosopher

James Kalb, Liberalism as a Religion, Sydney Trads

Rachel Lu, What’s Really Driving the Bathroom Wars, National Review

Andrew Mullins, The hidden dualism of transgenderism, MercartorNet

Richard Cocks, Roger Scruton, Utopia and the Final Solution, The Orthosphere

Adam J. MacLeod, What’s Wrong with Rights?, Public Discourse

Picture: Beowulf and the Old Wife of the Mere (1909) by George Timothy Tobin.

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