Monthly Archive: May 2016

Weekend Reading

Patrick Deneen, How A Generation Lost Its Common Culture, Minding the Campus Ryan Shinkel, Do Americans Still Share a Common Political Life? The Imaginative Conservative Michael Flynn, The Demise of Free Guessing, The TOF Spot Robert Epstein, The Empty Brain, Aeon John P…. (READ MORE)

Weekend Reading

Patrick J. Deneen, After the Interregnum, NAS Austin Ruse, A New Devastating Critique of the Global Sexual Revolution, Crisis Stephen Turley, Bathroom Bills & CEOs: Why Corporations Are Siding with Transgenders, The Imaginative Conservative Adina Portaru, Renting Wombs is a Human Wrong, not… (READ MORE)

Michael Hanby on ‘Technocracy and the Future of Christian Freedom’

This is the first of three talks I’ll be featuring from a recent conference, The Future of Catholicism in America, that I attended early last month. Here, Michael Hanby discusses the absolutism of technocracy and the technological revolution. He argues that the Sexual… (READ MORE)