Michael Hanby on ‘Technocracy and the Future of Christian Freedom’

This is the first of three talks I’ll be featuring from a recent conference, The Future of Catholicism in America, that I attended early last month. Here, Michael Hanby discusses the absolutism of technocracy and the technological revolution. He argues that the Sexual Revolution is the human form of this revolution, and that liberalism is its political form. The metaphysical background of this revolution was the denial of Nature; that is, the rejection of final causes, and the conflation of nature and artifice that followed. Technology could then confound the natural; same-sex ‘marriage’, he says, would continue to be unthinkable, even with the existing metaphysical confusion, if not for the reproductive technologies that enable same-sex couples to procure children. The same is also true with respect to sex/ gender and sex/ gender reassignment surgery. We are now in the midst of this revolution and Hanby, like Virgil in the Inferno, guides us through its various forms, so that ultimately, we might come to reject, not only its manifestations, but its central principle.

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