Weekend Reading


Randall Smith, at Public Discourse, discusses the political philosophy of John Rawls and the abiding liberal illusion of neutrality, parts 1 and 2.

Over at Ed Feser’s blog, he discusses, firstly, the possible parallels between Aquinas’s four causes (efficient, material, formal, and final) and the Five Ways, and secondly, he begins a new series that considers the possible consequences of atheism being true, as seen from the point of view of the Old Atheists, beginning with Nietzsche.

Hadley Arkes, at The Catholic Thing, argues that conservatives must abandon measures that continually avoid meeting their opponents in the ‘culture war’ on the substance of their moral claims.

The Massacre in Orlando through the lens of David Warren.

Maureen Malarkey on the loose lips of Pope Franics. Ed Peters, of In the Light of the Law, considers Pope Francis’s most recent statement re marriage.

A philosophers musings on the flood, part 1, over at Quodlibeta.

Jeffrey S., at What’s Wrong with the World, on the whys and wherefores of neo-reaction and the alt-right.

Lastly, good news, Roger Scruton knighted. Very well deserved.

Picture: Nicholas Poussin, The Judgement of Solomon (1649).

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