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Some more reading:

Sherif Girgis on the how the status of absolute orthodoxy extended from “same-sex marriage…to transgenderism virtually overnight”.

professor and psychiatrist discusses his work with exorcism in the Washington Post.

De Mattei on the collapse of the Europeanist project.


Three responses to the recent decision of the Supreme Court of the United States in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt:

Lydia McGrew, Entering the darkness: The dousing of the natural light

Josh Craddock, SCOTUS and Abortion: Three Failures and Opportunities for the Pro-Life Movement

Hadley Arkes, Pro-Lifers again discover the perils of indirection

Remi Brague speaks to Spiked about the gifts of Rome to European culture

On the causes and possible consequences of Brexit. Alternatively, the post-Christian consequence.

Further Feserian reflections on the Unmoved Mover, this time promoted by a new work by Prior on Ancient Philosophy.

James Chastek on the Fifth Way, or intelligence in nature.

Anthony Esolen reviews a new translation of The Iliad in Songs of Troy.

Luma Simms reviews Mary Eberstadt’s latest book, It’s Dangerous To Believeon religious freedom and its enemies.

Lastly, Gene Callahan reviews Rod Stark’s new book, Bearing False Witness, which explodes centuries of anti-Catholic calumnies .

Picture:  Melancholia 1 by Albrecht Dürer (1514).

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