Weekend Reading


Over at Public Discourse, Sherif Girgis has two articles on contraception, on The Historic Christian Teaching Against Contraception: A Defense, and Papal Infallibility and Moral Witness.There are also articles by Scott Yenor on Why Autonomy Cannot Explain Marriage and Family Life and John Skalko on Homosexuality and Bad Arguments, that are well worth reading too.

Matt Briggs explains the ins and outs of How To Make An Atheist Cry. Bring your own tissues, Crybaby.

Another review of the must-read, The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise, by Jude P. Dougherty, The Myth – and Reality – of the “Andalusian Paradise” over at The Catholic Thing.

TOF picks up where he left off in his series on the Crusades, Deus vult! Part III: I have come in order to die.

At Studio Matters, Maureen Mullarkey addresses a civilization ‘hungry for extinction’ in Gender-bent on Suicide.

At the Pope Center for Higher Education Policy, Richard Cocks confronts the problem of moral relativism among the young and a possible solution.

In The Limits (and Misuse) of Air Power, Robert Huddleston explores how strategic airpower employed “to destroy both the ability and the will of an enemy to continue the conflict” is practically ineffective and counterproductive, even as it is immoral as a matter of principle, in his review of Richard Overy’s The Bombers and the Bombed: Allied Air War over Europe 1940-45.

Picture: Romans during the Decadence (1847) by Thomas Couture.

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