Weekend Reading


Regis Martin, in Crisis, considers whether the abolition of God portends the annihilation of Man.

Over at his place, Edward Feser continues his adventures in the old atheism, Part II: Sartre.

R. R. Reno explore significance of the role that a fear of discrimination plays in the maintenance of political power and why such a politics requires an ever-expanding field of discrimination, in First Things.

Frank Schubert, in Public Discourse, explains that Republican Voters Are Not “Moving On” From Marriage anytime soon.

At the heart of a liberal education is religion, as Thaddeus Kozinski explains at The Imaginative Conservative.

Richard Cocks considers the meaning of fewer and fewer children in the West over at Sydney Trads.

Thomas F. Bertonneau reviews the new intellectual biography, Beyond the Robot, of the quintessential Outsider, Colin Wilson, at the University Bookman.

Lastly, a classic essay by James Kalb on the ‘Antiworld’ of the liberal political order, at Modern Age.

Picture: Sisyphus (1548-49) by Titian.

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