Weekend Reading


Edward Feser, at his place, tackles Craig’s kalam cosmological argument, and then, whether Islamophilia is binding Catholic doctrine. He also has collected some wonderful links too.

A dusty review of Ken Windschuttle’s The Killing of History by Roger Kimball, Why Relativism is Wrong at the New Criterion.

Yvonne Sherratt on Hitler’s philosophers at History Extra.

Joseph G. Trabbic turns a Thomistic eye on Trump’s proposed Muslim travel ban at Public Discourse.

At 3:am magazine, Jared Marcel Pollen looks back on More’s Utopia, on its 500th anniversary.

R. R. Reno on the Christian intellectual as dissident at First Things.

Appositely, Chris Jackson makes the Catholic case for Trump at the Remnant. (h/t: MavPhil)

Anthony Esolen contrasts the New and Old Ignorance, at Crisis magazine.

Joseph Pearce on Chesterton and Solzhenitsyn at the Imaginative Conservative.

Richard Cocks reviews Conversations with Roger Scruton by Mark Dooley and Roger Scruton at the University Bookman.

Picture: Miss Auras, by John Lavery.


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