Weekend Reading


Feser on the actually infinite, and he responds to Shea’s calumnies following his and Joseph Bessette’s recent essays on capital punishment.

Carolyn Moynihan invites Jane Austen to respond to Bridget Jones at MercartorNet.

John Boyer, at Crisis, reflects on Benedict’s Regensberg Address and Western secular intolerance, as does Samuel Gregg, but in the light of the crisis of Reason, at Public Discourse.

Ed Peterson the creeping subjectivity of the Buenos Aires Directive at In the Light of the Law. Robert Royal addresses this bizarre papal move too at the Catholic Thing.

Tom Holland acknowledges his, and our, Christian patrimony in New Statesmen.

Hadley Arkes confronts the cutting of the nose to spite the face that maybe NeverTrumpism at First Things.

Stanley Parry on the restoration of Tradition in an age of civilizational decline, at the Imaginative Conservative.

Finally, Kevin Stuart essays the moral incoherence at the heart of contemporary morality that can only be assuaged by a return to the natural law, at Public Discourse.

Picture: Agnus Dei (1635-40) by Francisco de Zurbarán.

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