Weekend Reading


Ed West briefly explores the watermark left on the Magna Carta by Christendom at the Catholic Herald.

On the ‘No difference’ consensus: Mark Regnerus reports at Public Discourse, while Mark Bauerlein reflects on the queering of academia at the Claremont Review of Books.

The academy increasingly reflects the decadent culture of which it is a part, Roger Kimball in the New Criterion.

James Chastek on the continuity of Geocentrism and Copernicanism at Just Thomism.

Ragnar on Columbus and genocide at Rightly Considered.

Msgr. Hans Feichtinger looks at the steps taken in both Canada and Germany to legislate death rights in First Things.

Maureen Mullarkey on the trouble of seeing only ourselves in the past at Studio Matters.

The ‘beyond the pale’ strategy, and the Grician implicatures, of the Swinburne controversy, at Rightly Considered and Essays in Idleness, respectively.

Picture: ‘John Signs the Great Charter’ (1864) by James William Edmund Doyle.


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