Weekend Reading: Back with a Vengeance!



James Chastek addresses the claim that intellectual or practical problems become more tractable when narrowly defined, and then, he attempts to square the death of the body with the immortality of the soul, and all before second breakfast, at Just Thomism.

Kristor discusses the nexus between the material and immaterial existence at Orthosphere.

J. Budziszewski reflects on the reasons of his conversion from Evangelical Protestantism to Catholicism at the Underground Thomist, while poet Sally Read reflects on her own conversion story from atheism to Catholicism, at Catholic Exchange.

Edward Feser describes the road to Hell at his place.

David Berlinski & Juan Uriagereka on the Recovery of Case at Inference Review.

Maureen Mullarkey on the Vichy Church at Studio Matters.

Ockham’s Razor, you say? It seems he lifted it from those before himTrabbic at Thomistica reports.

George Weigel on those Catholic Wikileaks at First Things, and Maureen Mullarkey on the limpness of the Bishop’s response at Studio Matters.

Daniel Moody on the conflation of sex and gender in the law at Public Discourse.

James Kalb on words, meanings, and their consequences at Crisis.

Finally, Brian C. Anderson reviews Manet’s Seeing Things Politically at New Criterion.

Picture: ‘The Severed Head of Bertrand de Born speaks’ (1857) by Gustave Doré.

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