Weekday Reading

Oesterreich, Wien 3, Schloss Belvedere, Oberes Belvedere, Klassizismus, Gemaelde von Jacques-Louis David 'Napoleon beim Uebergang ueber den Grossen St. Bernhard' Oel auf Leinwand, 1800 - 01.11.2008

Updated Nov 15: James Kalb, Needed: A New Vision, Chronicles

Robert W. Merry, How Trump Replaced America’s Globalist Consensus With A Nationalist Sensibility, The National Interest

Fred Seigel, Trans-Atlantic Trump: In Europe and America, elites have overplayed their hands, City Journal

Daniel Hannan, Populism, III: Insects of the hour, The New Criterion

Interlude: Susan McWilliams, The True and Only Lasch: On The True and Only Heaven, 25 Years Later, Modern Age

Joel Kotkin, Trumping the Elites: The American people said “no” to oligarchy and ruling classes, City Journal

Daniel McCarthy, Why the Elite Wanted Trump To Lose, The National Interest

Matthew Continetti, The Trump Revolution, National Review

Mark Richardson, A validation gap?, Oz Conservative

Blaise Joseph, Is Trump the new Constantine?, MercartorNet

Michael Flynn, The Election Explained, The TOF spot

Bill Vallicella, On the Abysmal Depths of Disagreement, Maverick Philosopher

Maureen Mullarkey, After Election Day Schadenfreude, Studio Matters

Edward Feser, Can Schadenfreude be Virtuous?, Edward Feser’s blog

Picture: Napoleon Crossing the Alps (1800) by Jacques-Louis David.

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