Weekday Reading


James Kalb, Why Liberal Governing Elites Seek to Neutralize Social Issues, Crisis

Catholic Hulk, God Matters: On Liberty, License and Liberalism, Rightly Considered

Richard Marshall interviews Edward Harcourt on Wittgenstein’s ethical enterprise and related matters, 3:am magazine

Ross Douthat, The Crisis for Liberalism, NYT

Matthew Becklo, The Philosophical Landscape of “Westworld”, Strange Notions

James Chastek, Moral perfection and the possibility of evil, Just Thomism

Edward Feser, The pre-existence of the Soul, Ed Feser’s blog

William Vallicella, Election Reflection I, Rightly Considered

William Carroll, Reason and the Existence of God, Public Discourse

J. Budziszewski, A Little Talk [on the natural law], The Underground Thomist

Katherine Kersten, Transgender Conformity, First Things

Naomi Firsht, The Rise of Transgender, Spiked Online

Robin Harris, The Long Battle To Clear A Cardinal’s Name, Standpoint

Picture: Fall of the Tower of Babel (1547) by Cornelis Anthonisz.


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