Weekend Reading


James Bowman, Celebrity opportunity, New Criterion

George Weigel, On Our Need for the Real Thomas More, First Things

Bishop Athanasius Schneider, A Prophetic Voice of Four Cardinals of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, Rorate Caeli

Ed Condon, The Pope’s abortion comments have provoked confusion. The Curia could have avoided this, Catholic Herald

Edward Feser, Does God damn you? Edward Feser’s blog

James Chastek, Objects first, Just Thomism

Maureen Mullarkey, Thanksgiving in the Month of the Holy Souls, Studio Matters

William Vallicella, Attitude, Gratitude, Beatitude, Maverick Philosopher

R. J. Snell, Universities and the Dangers of Docility, Public Discourse

John Kekes and Spenser Case, Election Reflections: II & III, Rightly Considered

Tycho Johnson interviews his grandfather, Paul Johnson, Reagan, Trump and America, Standpoint

Peter Mullen; The Starry Heavens above and the Moral Law within, Salisbury Review

Anthony Esolen, The Sexual Revolution and Its Victims, The Imaginative Conservative

Podcast: Spiked Online’s Ella Whelan speaks with Bill Leak about 18C, free speech, and the AHRC, Spiked

David Henderson, Just How ‘Liberating’ Is Peter Singer’s Liberation of Animals? Humanum Review

Brook J Sadler, Review of Philippa Foot’s Natural Goodness, Essays in Philosophy

James E. Person Jr., Review of Russell Kirk’s Enemies of the Permanent Things: Observations of Abnormity in Literature and Politics, The University Bookman

Picture: The Flaying of Marsyas (1575) by Titian.


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