Weekend Reading


Bill Vallicella, On Flag Burning, Maverick Philosopher

Anthony Esolen, The Church is not Putty in the Hands of ‘History‘, Crisis

Michael J. Rubin, Providence College and Dr. Anthony Esolen: An Alumnus Speaks Out, Catholic World Report

Robert Royal, Semper Fidel, Crisis

Jim S., A problem with middle knowledge, Agent Intellect

Mary Lefkowitz reviews Richard Jenkyn’s Classical Literature: A Journey from Homer to Virgil and Beyond, Claremont Review of Books

Steven Smith, Who’s on Which Side of the Lunch Counter? Civil Rights, Religious Accommodation, and the Challenges of Diversity, Public Discourse

Catholic Hulk, Political Vaginae, Rightly Considered

Thaddeus Kozinski, Why Philosophy? The Imaginative Conservative

Nicola Wright, The Libertarian Case against Abortion, The Spectator Australia

Laura Perrins interviews Steven Goldberg in Patriarchy is inevitable so long as men are men and women are women: That’s not misogyny; it’s the evidence, MercatorNet

Picture: Man Reading (1904-08) by John Singer Sargent

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