Weekend Reading


Edward Feser, Why Not Annihilation? Ed Feser’s blog

David Albert Jones, The injustice of destroying embryonic human beings, Mercatornet

Tim Bradley, Unconscionable: Threats to Religious Freedom and Rights of Conscience in the Abortion Debate, Public Discourse

R. J. Snell, Against Pious Nihilism: C.S. Lewis on Natural Law, Public Discourse

Jonathan Foreman, Lionel Shriver Is Out of Line, Commentary

Clifford Staples, Abolishing the Moral Order, Crisis

Donald S Prudlo, The Tradition Speaks With One Voice on Divorce & Remarriage, Crisis

James Chastek, On the Pastoral, Just Thomism

Edward Peters, A canonical primer on popes and heresy, In the Light of the Law

Br. Michael Baggot, No, Junior, the Catholic Church is not the same as ISIS, First Things

Bruce Frohnen, The Trump Victory & the Coming Hysteria of the Abortionists, The Imaginative Conservative

Fr. James V. Schall, S.J., The Road to ‘Reunion’ Examined, The University Bookman

Picture: The Prophet Jonah (1471 – 1484) by Michelangelo.

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