Weekday Reading


Jacques Maritain, Aquinas on the final end of human person, The Catholic Thing

Bill Vallicella, A Note on Ayn Rand’s Misunderstanding of Kant, Maverick Philosopher

Edward Feser, Denial flows into the Tiber, Ed Feser’s blog

William Briggs, Summary Against Modern Thought: The Intellect Is Not A Temperament, Statistician to the Stars 

Fr. James Schall, On the Deaths of Plato and Eric Voegelin, The Imaginative Conservative

Eve Tushnet reviews The English Way: Studies in English Sanctity from St. Bede to Newman, edited by Maisie Ward, at the University Bookman.

J. Budziszewski, The Object of Uttermost Longing, The Underground Thomist

Picture: The Beatific Vision (1892) by Gustave Doré



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