Disposable children

A couple of days ago I pointed out that consequences have ideas; that is, that any controversial but persistent practice, here legal abortion, will develop a set of ideas that attempt to give it rational coherence and justification. One of those ideas being that the child in utero is of no moral consequence, reflected as it where in the assertion oft-repeated by abortion proponents that abortion should be available at any stage and for any reason. Just as consequences develop their own rationalizations, ideas conjure their own outcomes. Yesterday, we learn:

Police arrested a Louisiana woman on Christmas Eve after she allegedly gave birth to a baby girl in a Wal-Mart bathroom and then threw the baby into a trashcan.

WBRZ in Baton Rouge reports police said Kyandrea Thomas, 34, abandoned her newborn daughter at the store in New Roads, and later checked herself into the Lane Memorial Hospital in Zachary. It was at the hospital where authorities found and arrested her on Dec. 24, the report states.

The baby girl was discovered in a bathroom trashcan around 8 p.m. Dec. 23 in the Wal-Mart, according to the report. Emergency responders said the newborn was unresponsive when they found her, and they performed CPR before rushing her to a nearby hospital. She was estimated to be about six hours old when discovered.

Later that evening, she was listed in stable but critical condition, and was flown by helicopter to another hospital in Baton Rouge, the report states. On Tuesday, the Advocate reported the baby girl was doing better.


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