Weekend Reading

Jeremy Hausotter,The Unborn Child Is Never the Aggressor, Ethika Politika

Ana Maria Dumitru,Science, Embryonic Autonomy, and the Question of When Life Begins, Public Discourse

Matthew J. Franck, Kermit Gosnell and the Ideology of Abortion on Demand, Public Discourse

Samuel Gregg, Shedding Light on Progressivism’s Dark Side, Public Discourse

Debra Vermeer, Experts warn Australians against following overseas experience with euthanasia, MercatorNet

Luke Philip Plotica, Disposition Not Ideology: Michael Oakeshott’s Unheeded Conservatism, The Critique

Patricia Snow, The Devil and Hilary Mantel, First Things

Edward Feser, Revisiting Ross on the immateriality of thought, Ed Feser’s blog

Edward Feser, Immaterial thought and embodied cognition, Ed Feser’s blog

Picture: Reading Woman (early 1900s) by Lovis Corinth.

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