Weekend Reading

Drew Oliver, Why “Civilisation” matters, The New Criterion

Edward Feser, How to be a pervert, Ed Feser’s blog

Rod Dreher, Bias, Bigotry & The Benedict OptionBenedict’s Ark, The American Conservative

Michael Flynn, Rule of Law, The TOF Spot

Douglas Wilson, The Heave Ho With Milo, Blog and Mablog

Ann Hartle, Pascal in the Post-Christian World, Modern Age

Maureen Mullarkey, Gregory Baum, Michael Novak & Humanae Vitae, Studio Matters

James Chastek, Science with and without primary causes, Just Thomism

Harold Cassidy, Remembering Jane Roe and Mary Doe: The Courage of Norma McCorvey and Sandra Cano, Public Discourse

E. Christian Brugger, The Catholic Church in De Facto Schism: What’s to Be Done?, Public Discourse

Picture: Engraving of ‘Aeneas and his family fleeing Troy’ (1595) by Agostino Carracci.

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