Weekend Reading

Patrick Deneen, Moral Minority, First Things

Marc Mason in On Not Conserving Liberalism reviews Patrick Deneen’s Conserving America?: Essays on Present Discontents, The University Bookman

Peter Mommsen interviews Rod Dreher, Building a Communal Church, Plough

Nicole Russell, The Transgender Bathroom Debate Has Nothing To Do With Bathrooms, The Federalist

Maureen Mullarkey on Rewriting History at the Met, Mosaic, and What Blame Do Parents Share For The Sudden Emergence Of Trans Kids?, The Federalist

Roger Franklin, Bill Leak and His Persecutors, Quadrant Online

Regis Nicoll, The Iron-Fisted Tyranny of Political Correctness, Crisis

Ryan T. Anderson, Natural Law, Social Justice, and the Crisis of Liberty in the West, Public Discourse

Joseph Pearce, Dialogue with a Western Liberal, The Imaginative Conservative

Elizabeth Anderson, The Contentious Case of Fulton Sheen’s Corpse, Catholic World Report


Picture: Waffen-SSM by the late Bill Leak.



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