Weekend Reading

Maureen Mullarkey, The Archbishop’s Mural & The Homintern, Studio Matters

E. Christian Brugger, Is the Catholic Church in De Facto Schism?, Crisis

Roberto De Mattei, Shedding light on today’s crisis, Rorati Caeli

John Waters, Can Ireland rediscover its faith – as I did?, Catholic Herald

Martin MosebachReturn to Form: The Fate Of The Rite Is The Fate Of The Church, First Things

J. Budziszewski, A Question for the Teachers of the Church, The Underground Thomist

William M. Briggs, New ‘Children’s’ Book Has Prince Charming Finding “True Love” With Farm Boy, The Stream

Robert Oscar Lopez, Poor Timing in Talk of Christian Surrender, American Thinker

Adam Frank, Minding Matter, Aeon

Robert Curry, Jefferson, Locke, and the Declaration of Independence, Claremont Review of Books

Wesley J. Smith, Rivers Declared to be ‘Persons’, First Things

James Chastek, Probability is teleological, Just Thomism

Picture: Thomas Couture, Romans in the Decadence of Empire, 1847

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