Easter Reading

Hadley Arkes, The Moral Turn, First Things

Edward Feser, God’s Wounds, Feser’s blog (a classic essay)

Fr. Paul Scalia, The Bridegroom, The Catholic Thing

W. M. Briggs, The Coming Metaphysic, Briggs’ blog

Elizabeth Corey, A More Moderate Diversity, National Affairs

Will Morrisey, Liberalism’s Ungrounded Present: A Review of Democratic Religion from Locke to Obama by Giorgi Areshidze, LibertyLaw blog

Daniel Gelernter, The Lawless Frontier: A Review of Rethinking Order: After the Laws of Natureedited by Nancy Cartwright & Keith Ward, Inference Review

Picture: Redemption triptych (1455-59) by Vrancke van der Stockt.


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