Weekend Reading

Scott Beauchamp, Conservatism in Translation: Discovering the Work of Augusto Del Noce, Public Discourse

Stephen Baskerville, The Sexual Revolution and the Do-Nothing Church, Crisis

Robert Stacy McCain, Queer Feminism’ and Other Bad Ideas: The strange convergence of porn fantasies and radical ideology, The Patriarch Tree

Harley J. Sims, The Silmarillion: tracing the roots of Tolkien’s mythical universe, MercatorNet

Joshua Rothman, Rod Dreher’s Monastic Vision, The New Yorker

Kenneth Minogue, “Christophobia” and the West, The New Criterion

Wesley J. Smith, The Real “Anti-Science”, First Things

Christopher Butynskyi, Searching for the Christian Mind: A review of Liberal Learning and the Great Christian Traditionseds. Gary W. Jenkins and Jonathan Yonan, The University Bookman

Picture: The Incredulity of Saint Thomas (c. 1600) by Caravaggio.


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