Weekend Reading

Russell Hittinger, The Three Necessary Societies, First Things

Michael McConkey, Why We Should Stop Using the Term ‘Gender’, Quillette (h/t: notafan)

Charles K. Bellinger, A Christian Abortion Doctor? On the Ignorance, Arrogance, and Violence of the Pro-Choice Cause, Public Discourse

Edward Feser, Davies on Evil Suffered, Feser’s blog

Bill Vallicella, Thomas Nagel on the Mind-Body Problem, Maverick Philosopher

K. V. Turley, Inside Gosnell’s House of Horrors, Crisis

Christopher Morrissey, Roger Scruton on Architectural Principles in an Age of Nihilism, The Imaginative Conservative

Scott Beauchamp, Doing Justice to Complexity: A Review of Alan P. R. Gregory’s Coleridge and the Conservative ImaginationThe University Bookman

Picture: “Girl with a Book” (1934) by Alexander Deineka

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