[Queensland’s proposed legislation] would allow, effectively… unrestricted abortions beyond 22 weeks

In a recent Fact Check, the ABC sought to take Senator Canavan, Nationals senator for Queensland, to task for the following statement given while addressing a crowd in Brisbane: “[The proposed changes] would be some of the most radical and extreme… (READ MORE)

Reply to Leyonhjelm on the right to physician-assisted suicide

In a recent guest post at Catalaxyfiles, David Leyonhjelm (DL) presents an argument for physician-assisted suicide. DL’s argument begins with an attempt to distinguish between euthanasia, which he describes as the infliction of death upon someone or thing that is… (READ MORE)

The ‘Howard changed the definition of marriage’ canard

If you’ve been following the marriage redefinition debate in Australia you may have heard the claim made that, in 2004, Howard introduced an amendment – overwhelming passed by the House and Senate – that changed the definition of marriage by… (READ MORE)

The moral blindness of abortion proponents

The New South Wales state parliament recently considered and rejected in the Upper House a bill seeking to legalize abortion. This leaves the current arrangement in which abortion is illegal except where the (i) physical and/or (2) psychological health of the… (READ MORE)