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Peter Harrison on The Religious Origins of Modern Science?

This is an excellent critique of the conflict thesis as well as an overview of the currents of thought in the late medieval and early modern period as they are related to the development of modern science. Of particular interest to me was the parallels between early Protestant criticisms of medieval philosophy and religion, and criticisms of later opponents of Christianity, like Condorcet, to today’s new atheists. The lecture was organized by the Lumen Christi Institute.


What is God’s eternity?

This is a reasonably short video in which Eleonore Stump provides a clear, rich outline of eternity and thereby what eternity entails as an attribute of God. I just love this video, she is a model of clarity and intelligence…

The Arkes-Miller debate

A very interesting debate has appeared at Public Discourse following the publication of Hadley Arkes’s essay, Recasting Religious Freedom (subscription required) in the June issue of First Things, between Arkes and Robert T. Miller. The central issue involves a dispute over the best…