Rabbi Sacks on “Sapiens” and “The Strange Death of Europe”

In this short review, Rabbi Sacks reflects on the possible fate of European civilization once the religious sources that underpin much of its political, intellectual, and moral traditions are undermined by pervasive secularization. Quite good.  

Michael Hanby on ‘Technocracy and the Future of Christian Freedom’

This is the first of three talks I’ll be featuring from a recent conference, The Future of Catholicism in America, that I attended early last month. Here, Michael Hanby discusses the absolutism of technocracy and the technological revolution. He argues that the Sexual… (READ MORE)

Dominicans and the University: 800 Years

The following series of talks, five in all, were given in celebration of the eight hundredth anniversary of the Dominican Order and sought to reflect on its relation to the University and the intellectual life. The talks were organized by the Thomistic… (READ MORE)

From Ancient Philosophy to Christian Wisdom

In this video, Brian Daley and Rémi Brague discuss the attitude of early Christians and beyond to the patrimony of classical antiquity, and what we are given is series of examples in which Christian authors engage and draw upon pagan authors… (READ MORE)