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  1. Brislurker

    DB could you please shift or tell me how to move the Facebook etc icons? I cannot read your posts as they follow and get in the way of the current line I am reading. It is probably my lack of it skills, I am sorry.


    1. dover_beach

      Lurker, I’ve looked at the problem you’re having. If you hang the cursor over the vertical bar that appears you should see two arrows appear at the bottom. Click that and it closes the bar. If you’re on a tablet, touch the ‘shares’ button at the top and it will bring up the arrows at the bottom, then click the arrows.

  2. John H.

    Hey DB, lurker here …

    Thought you might be interested in this text. Don’t like panpsychism(actually I think it explains nothing) but I’d be interested to see his arguments against physicalism because I’ve always had problems with that.

    1. dover_beach

      Hey John,
      Hope you’re well. Thank you. I will have a look.
      Best, DB


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