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Rabbi Sacks on “Sapiens” and “The Strange Death of Europe”

In this short review, Rabbi Sacks reflects on the possible fate of European civilization once the religious sources that underpin much of its political, intellectual, and moral traditions are undermined by pervasive secularization. Quite good.  

Weekend Reading

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The moral blindness of abortion proponents

The New South Wales state parliament recently considered and rejected in the Upper House a bill seeking to legalize abortion. This leaves the current arrangement in which abortion is illegal except where the (i) physical and/or (2) psychological health of the… (READ MORE)

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R. R. Reno, Goodbye, Left and Right, First Things Rachel Lu, When Left-wing Politics Becomes a Substitute for Religion, Crisis Zachery D. Schmoll, Physician-Assisted Suicide Tells People Like Me That Our Lives Are No Longer Worth Living, Public Discourse David Mills, Courage in… (READ MORE)

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