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[Queensland’s proposed legislation] would allow, effectively… unrestricted abortions beyond 22 weeks

In a recent Fact Check, the ABC sought to take Senator Canavan, Nationals senator for Queensland, to task for the following statement given while addressing a crowd in Brisbane: “[The proposed changes] would be some of the most radical and extreme… (READ MORE)

The moral blindness of abortion proponents

The New South Wales state parliament recently considered and rejected in the Upper House a bill seeking to legalize abortion. This leaves the current arrangement in which abortion is illegal except where the (i) physical and/or (2) psychological health of the… (READ MORE)

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Jeremy Hausotter,The Unborn Child Is Never the Aggressor, Ethika Politika Ana Maria Dumitru,Science, Embryonic Autonomy, and the Question of When Life Begins, Public Discourse Matthew J. Franck, Kermit Gosnell and the Ideology of Abortion on Demand, Public Discourse Samuel Gregg, Shedding Light… (READ MORE)

Weekend Reading

Edward Feser, Why Not Annihilation? Ed Feser’s blog David Albert Jones, The injustice of destroying embryonic human beings, Mercatornet Tim Bradley, Unconscionable: Threats to Religious Freedom and Rights of Conscience in the Abortion Debate, Public Discourse R. J. Snell, Against Pious Nihilism: C.S…. (READ MORE)