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Sheridan contra Aquinas

In what has to be one of the most bizarre entries in the debate over marriage redefinition, Greg Sheridan in ‘Yes to same-sex marriage and to religious freedom’, The Australian, (Sept 6, 2017) enlist Aquinas and Augustine in an amateurish attempt… (READ MORE)

The ‘Howard changed the definition of marriage’ canard

If you’ve been following the marriage redefinition debate in Australia you may have heard the claim made that, in 2004, Howard introduced an amendment – overwhelming passed by the House and Senate – that changed the definition of marriage by… (READ MORE)

Weekend Reading

Jeremy Hausotter,The Unborn Child Is Never the Aggressor, Ethika Politika Ana Maria Dumitru,Science, Embryonic Autonomy, and the Question of When Life Begins, Public Discourse Matthew J. Franck, Kermit Gosnell and the Ideology of Abortion on Demand, Public Discourse Samuel Gregg, Shedding Light… (READ MORE)

Christmas Reading

It is a matter of convention, that politics and religion are the two subjects to avoid in polite company. Humbug! I’m going to arm you with the appropriate reasons to persuade, awaken, or at the very least, humble, that contrary friend… (READ MORE)

Weekend Reading

Edward Feser, Why Not Annihilation? Ed Feser’s blog David Albert Jones, The injustice of destroying embryonic human beings, Mercatornet Tim Bradley, Unconscionable: Threats to Religious Freedom and Rights of Conscience in the Abortion Debate, Public Discourse R. J. Snell, Against Pious Nihilism: C.S…. (READ MORE)