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Weekend Reading

Edward Feser, Why Not Annihilation? Ed Feser’s blog David Albert Jones, The injustice of destroying embryonic human beings, Mercatornet Tim Bradley, Unconscionable: Threats to Religious Freedom and Rights of Conscience in the Abortion Debate, Public Discourse R. J. Snell, Against Pious Nihilism: C.S…. (READ MORE)

Dominic Legge on ‘Justice and Human Law’

This is the second of six talks on the social and political philosophy of Saint Thomas Aquinas, presented by the Catholic and Dominican Institute of Mount Saint Mary College this June, at the Sixth Annual Philosophy Workshop. It follows on the heels of the first lecture by Professor… (READ MORE)

Michael Hanby on ‘Technocracy and the Future of Christian Freedom’

This is the first of three talks I’ll be featuring from a recent conference, The Future of Catholicism in America, that I attended early last month. Here, Michael Hanby discusses the absolutism of technocracy and the technological revolution. He argues that the Sexual… (READ MORE)